Welcome to AMREST Electricals Ltd.

AMREST Electricals Limited manufacture World class Indoor and Outdoor Transformer.

Distribution Transformer

The Distribution Power Transformers are thus, available in standard specifications to meet the exact requirements of the industrial as well as commercial applications. In addition to this, affordable price, and uninterrupted performance in rectifying the power Learn More

Current Transformer

The High Current Transformers are ideally designed with metering, protection and special protection purposes. The notable features like high durability, robust construction, easy operation and low maintenance cost also help in providing transformers that Learn More

Metering Unit

The Metering Units are available in the range of up to 33KV, and the units are pole mounted. The Fuel Metering Unit is available in three phase three wire or three phase four wire system to meet the specific requirements of the application areas. The use of premium quality components Learn More

We are Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of  Instrument Transformers  for India, United Arab Emirates , Dubai , Sharjah , Saudi Arabia , Bahrain , Iraq , Kuwait , Oman , Qatar, Afghanistan, South Africa , Zambia , Tanzania , Ghana , Nepal , Bhutan , Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya , Malaysia, Turkey, Zimbabwe and other countries.

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