LV Monoblock

AMREST manufacture, exporter and Suppliers of LV Monoblock Bushing up to 2700Amps for Oil filled transformers. The LV Monoblock Bushing comprises of normally four copper conductors cast into an epoxy resin mounting plate. As per the customer requirement, Bus Bar length can vary according to number of connections.


Amrest Electricals Ltd. manufactures all of the tools needed to fulfil the various monoblock kinds that the customer requests.

Copper Sourcing

Our fully equipped copper conductor suppliers deliver us with high quality conductors enabling us to manufacture the monoblocks as per required standards.


All of the standard tests that we run on your monoblock include tests for air and oil leaks.

LV Monoblock
LV Monoblock

We are Manufacturer and Supplier of  LV Monoblocks for India, United Arab Emirates , Dubai , Sharjah , Saudi Arabia , Bahrain , Iraq , Kuwait , Oman , Qatar, Afghanistan, South Africa , Zambia , Tanzania , Ghana , Nepal , Bhutan , Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya , Malaysia, Turkey, Zimbabwe and other countries.

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